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The OG Burning Flower

It's official: The Alpha's Burning Flower has been published on Amazon in paperback form! This new is so exciting for me— and hopefully for my fans— but I would be remiss if I took away from the very first version of my very first novel.


I began writing ABF back in 2020 and was astonished at how much attention it got on Dreame! ( The story was almost experimental in my writing. It was new. But it took off, and I quickly decided that it needed a cover.

A good book needs a good cover after all.

So, I enlisted the help of my best friend/sister, Haley, to paint me a cover. After some necessary waiting time— as good art takes time— she revealed a beautiful cover that I am proud to have represent my first ever completed novel.

An original cover for an original book.

As she practiced her art, she became more skilled with creating her art on the iPad. To practice, she recreated the painted cover to a digital one.

This cover will remain as my Dreame cover no matter how many changes are made to the physical copy.

The canvas painting hangs over my desk so I can see it everyday and remember the beginning of my writing journey.

Haley will forever be my cover artist and best friend. (She is also fantastic at other paintings as well!) Please check her out (:

Read ABF on Dreame and buy the paperback on Amazon!

Find Haley's art and DM her on her instagram:

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