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The Beginning of my Alpha King Series

So how did I begin writing The Alpha's Burning Flower (ABF)?

That, my wonderful readers, is an interesting story ..... to me at least 🤷🏻‍♀️

It actually began with a different book. `I was in college; it was January of 2020. I had just gone back from winter break at home, but classes hadn't started yet. So, I just had work, and nothing else. I have always wanted to write a book, and during this time, I had a sudden idea that my brain was flying with.

I call it 'Kat Call.'

Now, I don't have a bio written out for it just yet, but it is not in the world of the supernatural. Kathryn and Adam are just regular people who stumble upon each other beginning a painfully beautiful string of events that will change their whole world. Because, regular might not be true when it comes to our handsome male protagonist. What will Kat discover when he wraps his hand around her heart?

Anyways, I wrote a large chunk of this book, continuing it after school started, and after I went back home in early March. Eventually, I got stuck in a major rut, my first writers block making me frustrated. I had started a temporary job at a warehouse putting bottles into boxes. Mind-numbing I know, but my brother was there with me so it made it more bearable.

At the time, I had been reading a lot of books in the werewolf genre, so I constantly had the theme running through my mind. So at this terribly dull, mind-numbing, braincell killing, hot as hell ...

Sorry, tangent. 😬

At this job, my mind started wandering. Creating plot. Creating characters. Creating a world. And so ABF was born. I wrote it in my head, starting at the prologue and going until she got home, (you'll understand that when you read!). I ran it through over and over, day after day. Repeating the whole story beginning to end because I liked it, and I had constant tweaks. Plus, I didn't want to forget it, and my memory is no good.

Eventually, I decided to sit down and write it out. At the first sit down, I roughly wrote probably the first fourth or so of the book. Then I got my planning notebook out and planned the rest in more detail. I wrote and rewrote it in my head when I was at work, typing important passages into the notes on my phone to remember them once it was time to write in the evening. I was excited, diligent, and the words came with general ease.

One day, I decided to look into posting the book online. I started with Dreame (aka Stary), because I read on there and I knew I could post for free. I went through all of the steps and began posting short chapters. I continued this once I realized people actually liked it. I applied for contracts, got it signed, and now I am in the process of writing book number three in the series! 🎉

It has been quite the journey, but it is one that I would never give up for anything. I have amazing supporters and loyal readers that I cherish every day. Without them, this wouldn't be a possibility. And all of you that subscribe to this, I appreciate you wanting to stay in contact with me! Hearing from you is the only thing I like more!!

Much love to you all,

xo 🐺

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