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Updated: Oct 3, 2021

Hello and welcome!

Whether you stumbled to my account—and therefore this blog— on accident, or searched me out on purpose, I am glad you're here.

I do not think I can honestly say I am a "professional" quite yet. I have two signed books completed on the app Dreame ( I adore writing and love interacting with my readers. I am so glad to see you here.

I have a free weekly newsletter that I send out on Sundays. If you are at all interested in paranormal fiction, then my books may be for you.


This newsletter is a simple, quick-read letter for you readers to get to know about me, and my writing. If you have not read either of my first two books, you can always find the links to them here every week. In addition to the links, each weekly newsletter will have its own theme; a new subject for you to read about each week so you can become acquainted with me.

My name is Paige Christine Warden. I am 23 (almost 24!), years old living happily with a fiancé that i love. I come from a happy family that has always said I live with my head in the clouds; frequently traveling to Narnia instead of paying attention. I had always preferred to travel through books than anything else. Reading provided me with an alternate world to live in, even if just for a moment. Writing is a blissful escape; one I believe was created from my wholehearted love of reading.

I want to build worlds for others to get lost in. Places of mystery and love, but also heartbreak and hurt.

'The Alpha's Burning Flower' is the first in an ongoing six books series called the Alpha King Series. A young and abused girl, Annabella, goes on a long journey to discover a life she had always heard about, but never truly knew existed. Step into a world of werewolves, vampires, and witches to join in with Annabella and her alpha wolf, Elijah King, as they navigate a new, uncertain life.

This is me.

Much love,


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